Environmental Friendly Power Independence For Every Human Being The History Part Four…

The Joe Cell Breakthrough

The “Joe Cell” was discovered & developed by an Australian named “Joe”. It appears to be a quasi-electrolytic cell that somehow utilizes Zero-Point Energy or Orgone to generate a gas that is not Hydrogen fuel (the water is not consumed) that can run (or supplement the running of) automobiles and other engines.

A breakthrough using Walter Russell’s Theories “There is a neutral ether consisting of countless myriads of inconceivably small particles per cubic centimetre having no electric charge and no mass. Universal mind places electrostatic charges on these particles when there is a suitable magnetic field so that they become charged particles. The complexity of the charge determines the type of charged particle and its behaviour.” Beyond the Atom, Walter Russell

1999, Alex Schiffer has converted four car engines to run on orgone energy using the Joe Cell Method. This is a clean and freely available source of energy that will revolutionize society. Although nobody as yet fully understands how this process works, first proposed by Walter Russell and introduced as elements of his revised periodic table it is not yet scientifically been explained or accepted. The following are explanation of how the Joe Cell might work. As ether, ( Orgone ) has no mass or electric charge it makes it very difficult to measure. If you read about the efforts that science has gone to, to measure gravity waves and neutrinos, you will more fully comprehend the problems of measuring these “forces”. Suffice to say that just because scientists cannot measure Orgone energies does not mean that Orgone does not exist.

Another American experimenter who had success with the technology was Bill Williams. What follows is an account of a test run.

Report on the 70-mile test drive:

Well, all I can say is “who needs an Indy car when you can drive and old FORD” – WOW!!!! The first five-miles after leaving the home was wild. I had to be extremely careful on how I pressed the accelerator. I gingerly crept up to 45 MPH and that was about moving the pedal maybe a half-inch. It the throttle response was very crisp or touchy. With about a 1/8″ of movement the next thing I new I was booking at close to 80 mph. If I lifted off ever so slightly on the throttle and it felt like I was putting the brakes on and the speed would drop down to 30 mph or so. “Very erratic”. If I barely even touch or bumped the pedal it felt like I pushed the nitrous button. WOW !!!

As stated the first 5 miles were wild and things started to change. The engine started to buck or surge with very large rpm changes and literally threw me against my seat belt. It got so bad I just took my foot completely off the pedal and rode the brakes to stop the truck. The truck left skid marks on the pavement every time the engine surged in rpm. Well anyway I managed to get it stopped and shut it off with the ignition key, thank God.

I retarded the timing and turn the gasoline back on and crossed my fingers and hit the key and the engine took right off revving to may be 4000 rpm and then gradually decreased to 700 rpm. I took a deep breath and put it into drive and the truck responded close to normal again.

Comments — The current setup is not happening, I could not drive the truck in city driving, because I would be ramming the vehicles ahead of me and smoking the tires at every stop light. Still more work to do, and that is going to start this weekend. Converting the engine back to a 2-barrel carb (hell who needs a 4 barrel with this setup) so to gain more room to setup the blind fitting arrangement. Going to machine a flat Aluminium plate to set between the carb and the manifold. The adapter will be cut with a section on the front side of the carb projecting out and have a solid Aluminium stub. The stub will be where the Aluminium transfer tube will attach via a short section of hose. Will update the group after the adapter and conversion is in place and some basic testing has been accomplished. […]

Regards, Bill

In April 2006, American experimenter Bill Williams was death-threatened by two unidentified assailants who knew all about him and his family. After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who demanded that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn’t.

In Bill Williams words:

“I was on my way home Thursday last week [April 6, 2006] and was about 3 miles from the ferry project. I stopped to check the post connection point on the Cell. I was standing in front of my truck, and this late model 2005 or 2006 Ford Explorer pulled up and park diagonally in front of my truck.

“The driver got out of the rig and walked around in front of their rig and approached me. At about the same time, the passenger opened his door.

“The driver stated that they wanted me to stop working on all forms of alternative energy. He also stated that we know everything about me, my family, and all my projects past and present.

“At about that time the passenger reached and held up a file that was about 2 or so inches thick. He opened it up and showed me telephone transcripts, emails, messages from the groups that I had belonged to.

“They knew where my kids worked, the times they are at work; also my wife’s working hours, my grandkids’ school, etc. They knew everything.

“The driver said that if I did not stop working on this (he then opened up the left side of his jacket and showed his weapon that was holstered) that there would be other consequences.

“He also stated that he wanted me to post that I was no longer working in this field and to destroy all my work, i.e. Cells, Drawings, Lab Journals, everything!

Four days later, Bill wrote the following message to the group:

“I thought I was strong but when illness to the family comes into play, I have failed. I am truly sorry. I will not be working in any form of alternative energy field anymore.”

“I destroyed my device tonight along with my written data and lab notes as per specked out.”

Others are keeping it alive by reopening his original users group (General theory,plans, discussion, etc.):


the original construction diagrams, installation, and user instructions can be found at: http://www.rexresearch.com/joecell/joecell1.htm#dthrt

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Peter Stevens Explains The Cell Charging Process

Some say, the answer about how the Joe Cell works lies in Walter Russell’s theories of balance. Every unbalanced action must eventually be balanced no matter how long it takes. All things in creation including the Joe cell obey this fundamental rule. You can’t have a stronger positive or negative effect.

Dr. Randell L Mills’s theory rests on the existence of previously undiscovered lower energy states of hydrogen. Mills calls these lower energy states of hydrogen “hydrinos” and dihydrinos. This theory of lower energy states of hydrogen has the potential to change everything that we understand about physics and the physical world. Now before the above excites you, please realise that Walter Russell listed many, many elements lower than hydrogen on the periodic table way back in 1926! Similarly if we call Orgone “hydrinos” we are back to square one i.e. the massless force that is at the base of all things. Needless to say, other scientists think that Dr. Mills’s claims are preposterous.

Now proven, “It turns out that a fundamental error in physics ignored the existence of a second non-radioactive form of hydrogen which is an inert gas (just like Orgone, what a coincidence!). Low energy hydrogen can be made from ordinary hydrogen when its electrons orbit drops to about one twentieth its ² normal ² size. When this happens (in a vacuum at about 2,500 deg. Kelvin with potassium vapour as the catalyst) the hydrogen atom release up to one thousand times as much energy as needed to get hydrogen from water. This means a lot of energy is available with no pollution at all. In theory a 200 hp car using this system could go 100,000 miles on the hydrogen in a single tank of water.”Art. B. Rosenblum

Not powered by radiant energy or a greenhouse gas producing internal combustion engine and sounding impossible because it violates all scientific thought, a perpetual electric car has been invented, and H.R. Johnson, the father of Spintronics was issued a patent number 4,151,43 on April 24, 1979 for the device!

The Howard Johnson Permanent Magnet Motor patent states, “The invention is directed to the method of utilizing the unpaired electron spins in ferromagnetic and other materials as a source of magnetic fields for producing power without any electron flow as occurs in normal conductors and to permanent magnet motors for utilization of this method to produce a power source. In the practice of this invention, the unpaired electron spins occurring within permanent magnets are utilized to produce a motive power source solely through the super-conducting characteristics of a permanent magnet and the magnetic flux created by the magnets are controlled and concentrated to orient the magnetic forces generated in such a manner to do useful continuous work such as the displacement of a rotor with respect to a stator. The timing and orientation of magnetic forces at the rotor and stator components produced by permanent magnets to produce a motor is accomplished with the proper geometrical relationship of these components”.

Now consider the following: Engineers of Hitachi Magnetics Corp. of California have stated that a motor run solely by magnets is feasible and logical but the politics of the matter make it impossible for them to pursue developing a magnet motor or any device that would compete with the energy cartels.

In a book entitled, “Keely and His Discoveries” by Clara B. Moore published in 1893, we find the following statements, “The magnet that lifts a pound today if the load is gradually increased day by day will lift double that amount in time. Whence comes this energy? Keely teaches that it comes from sympathetic association with one of the currents of the polar stream and that its energy increases as long as the sympathetic flow lasts, which is through eternity”.

Permanent magnets keep their strength from 95 to 400 years. So here we have a fuelless automobile that could last lifetimes. Our ultimate motor becomes a permanent magnet motor of proper size, with speed being controlled through the automobiles transmission.

The only possible drawback to a permanent magnet motor is a vehicle accident; the shock of a crash could jar the magnets and cause them to lose power, a small price to pay for an automobile that could run all day at 60 M.P.H., use no fuel, and never need a recharge!

The next logical question seems to be, “Where do you buy one?” or perhaps, “When will we be able to buy one?” When someone constructs an automobile or other transportation device run by a permanent magnet motor attached to a differential, thus eliminating the transmission, the world will beat a path to their door, providing the energy cartel doesn’t find them first!

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