Environmental Friendly Power Independence For Every Human Being The History Part Five…

Infinite Clean Free Energy Part Five…


There is enough Hydrogen in one cubic kilometer of sea water to replace all the oil reserves on Earth.

The advent of Hydrogen and The Hydrogen Age is already here. Free hydrogen is now available without the need for new innovations in automotive production like the smartcar. Every day we hear of the need for a clean energy source to replace gasoline and diesel fuel. It has been available for a number of years already.

A British Company has come forth with a home-based hydrogen refueling station.A Scorpion sportscar model would burn gasoline and hydrogen, with an internal combustion engine burning, achieving 40 highway miles per gallon.Intergalactic Hydrogen creator of the Hydrogen Hummer builds or converts multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles and appliances. They also sell wind turbines, solar systems, and fuel cell kits.The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a contract to Michigan’s Energy Conversion Devices Inc. to develop a method of converting small gasoline internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen without losing performance or durability.BMW presented us with a Hydrogen powered car. Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, Inc. of Canada has been developing an electrolysis unit that extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water and injects it into the air intake of a vehicle, to increase fuel economy by anywhere between 10% and 30%

That is a very small sampling of research and development I am sure we all hear of everyday. The thing about these approaches that stand out to me is they all fit into our current paradigm of change while maintaining the balance of the status quo. I’m willing to wager few of them will ever receive serious notice because they don’t directly address the environmental problems we face in a “minimalist way to change” that solves our energy and environmental problems in the fewest number of steps.

Would it surprise you to know that if you ran out of fuel on a cold snowy night in the middle of nowhere that you could put snow in your fuel tank and be on your way, or If you where at the sea side you could fill your tank with water from the sea and continue on your way, or even tap water from your home, that will work also.

When I think of this I can’t help thinking about the invention of the safety pin and the effect that must of had at the time.

There is a free Hydrogen technology that uses water for fuel. A technology developed by Stan Myers! The following videos will highlight Stan’s efforts and results.

So what am I talking about?

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The Water Car Comes Of Age

Stan Myers a pioneer in the true sense of the word set out in the 1970s to solve the worlds energy problems and forever free all Americans and the world from the dependence on oil cartel, or energy suppliers. To understand why after 38 years we continue to have no fixed direction out of our quandary Its important to understand the journey Stan took.

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The Formative Years

After years of resistance the US patent office finally granted him patents he then was able to patent his device in Europe. He has created a car that runs on nothing but water there is no other fuel source. To understand the obsticles faced this next video examines the day to day difficulties faced. Although the scientific establishment did not recognize him the military and other corporations showed an interest. The technology is enough of a trheat to the energy cartels that in Stan’s words “I was offered well over a billion dollars to sell or sit on it. My life has been threatened many times”

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The Trials and Tribulations

Stanley Myers died in 1998. It is reported that he died of some mysterious food poisoning. I have to ask what happened to all his patents, and considering the indisputable truth of the validity of his technology proven by his cross country test in his modified dune buggy on nothing other than 28 gallons of water, why are we continuing to see technical briefs like The Hydrogen Economy

We hold our political leaders to high humanitarian standards. We consider their lives forfeit for crimes against humanity such as genocide. Is it not time our scientific leaders where held to as high a standard. The health of our planet and the countless millions that inhabit it hangs in the balance and is threatened because of brutish indifference among the scientific community. This is nothing new and if it wasn’t for the seriousness of the moment, even though intolerable, might not matter. As it is we have put our faith and trust and the future of our world in the hands of many who have a narrow minded follow the money approach to problem solving and even though solutions exist they are not being introduced.

If your technically inclined download Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief and Stan Myers Resonant Electrolysis Cell. For the experimenter or driver fed up with gas pump robbery download Water For Gas.

Those responsible for the suppression of the advent of these technologies need to look around and take stock of the daily unrest caused by not adopting these new technologies. Daily we hear stories of melting ice caps, rising oceans, melting glaciers, drying riverbeds, heating oceans and storms as have never been seen before. We hear of the millions of people displaced by these changes. People who’s human right to happiness is forever ruptured and destroyed. It will never be the same!

Who has the guts to take responsibility? Who has the guts to say the buck stops here? Who is willing to admit their indulgences are responsible for the suffering of the millions Suffering because of the unnecessary global change we are experiencing today?

Those that are ready to, are worthy of my respect.

Is humanity so prideful that it thinks it can get away with any disturbance of the natural order? In this world of cause and effect, man by population numbers is a force of nature, but nature is still in charge. Are we to believe we are standing on the eve of destruction, (the facts are, many are dying and loosing everything as you read this!) because we are poorly informed, close minded, pig headed, or kept in the dark, by our governments or entrenched power bases that depend on man made explosive and combustion technologies rather than natures implosive way of expansion and growth?