A Little Known Tale Seldom Told!

What Energy Marketers Would Rather You Not Know…

Environmental Friendly Power Independence For Every Human ~ Part One Of Five Part History

All You Need Is The Right Equipment to ‘Tune It In’, Turn It On, And Appreciate…

This is a five part introduction to energy technologies that are not all new, some are being re-discovered. The first three posts lay a foundation by revealing background information about the early proponents and their contributions.

There are sources revisited in this series that where discovered, demonstrated, and witnessed, yet never documented or verified, that make many if not all sources used and emerging today appear primitive. Sources that need to be; yes that’s right; “tuned in”, not captured by any current process, or converted from available materials! Who wouldn’t want a source of energy like that? A priceless source in every sense of the word, available to make each and every individual power independent.

Included are sources that are now available, including innovations in technologies being introduced, and now on the drawing board, that can be re-engineered to allow anyone to be power independent. Off grid, you make your own!

What follows is the history of the dawning of these technologies that is at least seventy years old.

A Question! Why do we hear of fossil fuel depletion as a reason for grave concern when after research and consideration there is demonstratively available science and technology, some unconventional by current standards and practices, limitless and exquisite in nature, that make our present technologies outdated and comparable to the change from Conestoga Wagons to Trains or the Pony Express to the Telegraph? Technologies that accomplish the same things we do today, cleaner, totally environmentally friendly, virtually free to the user, available, some already patented, and as yet not utilized.

Is it that virtually free to the user, zero cost power, and power independence for every human being has the energy market tied up in knots. Or is it that the individual consciousness is unable to value virtually free and therefore can’t bring itself to valuate it?

No need to plug your vehicle in to charge it at paid charging stations, fill up at a hydrogen station, or assume a higher home hydro bill; or any bill at all. You can produce your own hydro and your own hydrogen at no cost, and every house or hut on the planet can do the same, and since the change is the right thing to do for environmental stability, I would expect the industrial complex to keep us provided with the equipment that makes it all possible and happily accept our thanks.

Considering our economic climate, it could represent a revolutionary change and the next new deal helping propel us out of the fix the financial sector is responsible for putting us in.

Some of these technologies are already patented. The patent office has refused to patent some of the more promising ones even after demonstrations that they work. I ask you! If I can demonstrate a technology works safely repeatedly, and can be used as an answer to a pressing need of our time, why would you insist on conventionalizing it into some current scientific notions before using it? Is this not the age of thinking outside the box? In the pioneer days of Orville Wright, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla, did the many that first used the technologies they produced know the scientific principles that made them work. Not likely! They were simply hailed as “marvelous inventions” and accepted.

The Wright brothers flying machine gave us the advent of the aerospace age, the Thomas Edison Brockton three wire electrical distribution system was the precursor of the electrical system used today, Alexander Graham Bells Telephone is now a device that over eighty five percent of people carry with them where ever they go, and the thousands of marvels Nikola Tesla gave us including power generating coils, neon lights and remote control where all new science of wonder and awe for their time that matured to become an array of different utilities.

So what is the problem? Is it that these wondrously superior new technologies would by necessity displace technologies already in place. Don’t we call that progress?

The idea that we need to create all new science to solve the environmental problem is an illusion. A seeking mind can already find there exists answers to global warming beyond what amounts to a “scrub up” program. Although considering the mess we’ve made a “scrub up” program is a wise interim measure to the final solution.

We have countries that are in financial destitution or suffering internal strife because the needs of the individual are not met and as a nation they struggle to maintain their standing. The question is why do they have to shore up their foundations with outside aid? Putting resources where they are really needed, embracing the needs of the planet that nurtures us, becoming the vanguard for the new technologies needed and already at hand, will provide new industry sectors, jobs, and security for their inhabitants and the birth of a new age of technologies able harmonize the planet and provide the next stable economy.

The late Dr. Eugene Mallove who was murdered after a discussion meeting about some of these new technologies places these new technologies in three general categories.

“For almost nine years I have been the editor of Infinite Energy, the magazine of new energy science and technology. Though it is now small in circulation, Infinite Energy is received worldwide in some forty countries. And, Infinite Energy is distributed to newsstands across the United States and Canada. My friend and colleague, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, has supported with words and resources some of our efforts on behalf of new energy. The research that Infinite Energy covers suggests that there are at least three major categories of radically new sources of energy that civilization is on the verge of being able to tap and reduce to practical technologies. These are the completely new forms of energy for which this Appeal for Support is being issued. New Energy is the term that we apply to new sources of energy that are currently not recognized as feasible by the “scientific establishment,” but for which overwhelming and compelling evidence exists, we suggest, in at least these major categories:

Category 1. New hydrogen physics (a.k.a. “cold fusion,” more generally Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR, “hydrino” physics, and other water-based energy sources. Copious technical and other information about this research may be found on these two diverse websites:(links to sites can be found in the blogroll ) lenr-canr.org and blacklightpower.com as well as Dr. Eugene Mallove’s own site, infinite-energy.com. The upshot of this energy-from-water field is that within ordinary water there is a heretofore unimaginably large energy reservoir that may be as great as 300 gallons of gasoline energy equivalent within each gallon of plain water! This energy would be non-polluting, would have no hazardous radiation, and would, in effect, have a zero fuel cost. Only one cubic kilometer of ocean water would provide energy equivalent to all the known oil reserves on Earth. In responding to a special plea by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the White House requested from me a technically-based Memorandum on this topic in February 2000. This 8,500-word Memorandum, “The Strange Birth of the Water Fuel Age,” was submitted to the Clinton Administration and later to the Bush Administration. Here is a piece of history from the attached memorandum.

” Recent events: Senator John McCain, running in the New Hampshire primary for the Republican presidential nomination, agreed to be briefed on cold fusion. He kept his word. Within a week of his promise, he sent a top aide to our offices at the Bow Technologies Center. He received briefing materials that were to be handed to the Senator. Thus, Senator McCain became the very first major party presidential candidate in history to receive a high-level briefing about cold fusion. This briefing occurred before he won the February 1 New Hampshire Republican primary by a large margin over Governor Bush of Texas and others.”

The memorandum is now posted in it’s entirety as a down loadable portable document file (PDF) click here or on the infinite-energy.com site. I read the memorandum several times and now wonder if it was dismissed out of hand because it had not been written by a team of lawyers, rather than a simple scientist who stood in awe at the discoveries he was making. It asks for a review of the substantial evidence-in particular the copious evidence developed over the past 14 years in U.S. Federal laboratories-for this category of anomalous new physics energy. Unfortunately, apart from polite “Thank You” notes, no disscernable action has been taken by either administration. The 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10) was held near and at MIT in August 2003. Actual public demonstrations of excess energy production in electrolytic cells occurred at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Wall Street Journal science journalist Sharon Begley attended ICCF10 and wrote a fine column in the September 5, 2003 issue of WSJ, “Cold Fusion Isn’t Dead, It’s Withering From Scientific Neglect.” Among other surprising technical developments at ICCF10 was the presentation by a well-funded Israeli corporation, Energetics Technologies, which appears to have made enormous strides in overcoming some of the problems with the low-energy nuclear reactions phenomenon. Isn’t it time that the experimental data from this significant field of scientific work is reviewed by an unbiased panel, unlike the rush-to-judgment hostile group in 1989, which inexcusably botched that investigation? Why aren’t the many politicians who have been informed about this taking action? Are they perhaps fearful of the all-to-common “sneer review” from the Scientific Establishment?

Category 2. Vacuum energy, Zero Point Energy or “ZPE” for short, aether energy, or space energy. These are descriptions of vast energy sources from the vacuum state. Information about this most radical and paradigm-shattering physics and technology research can be found on websites: www.aetherometry.com, and www.aethera.org. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa in the Toronto area obtained three US patents on an astonishing technological device, the so-called Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGDTM) reactor. In its several embodiments, it already produces kilowatt-level electrical, thermal, and mechanical output power. A Quicktime video of one such device, working in 2003, may be viewed at www.aetherometry.com/cat-abrimedia.html. Successful testing of the PAGD by outside parties, including Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Ontario Hydro, regrettably did not lead to commercial arrangements to further the development of this scientific wonder, which has been meticulously documented in the three United States-granted Correa patents. (Uri Soudak, former Chief Technology Officer of IAI, is still involved with the project here in the U.S.) The Correas and Dr. Harold Aspden, IBM’s former chief of patent operations in Europe (from 1963 to 1983), have provided convincing theoretical explanations, based on concrete experiments with a variety of fundamental phenomena, all of which illuminate how this unsuspected vacuum state energy can be extracted by the PAGD reactor. The advent (possibly in only 2-3 years) of self-sustaining electrical power-generating units in the multi-kilowatt power range appears to be only a matter of gathering a relatively small amount of engineering/scientific development funding, in the low several tens of million dollars range.

Category 3. Environmental energy, i.e. energy from sensible thermal energy (in particular, energy of molecular motion), through significant extensions to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Proceedings of an important scientific conference dealing with this subject gives great insight into this work: Quantum Limits to the Second Law: First International Conference on Quantum Limits to the Second Law (San Diego, CA, July 28-31, 2002), Professor Daniel P. Sheehan, Editor, American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings, #643, 2002. A strong consensus of a significant number of the scientist attendees, as reported by the author, is that it will be possible to make utilitarian machines that convert the thermal energy in the environment to useful work, without a lower temperature reservoir to dump waste heat. This would be in direct contravention of the supposedly sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics. These devices would be nearly perfect “free energy” machines. Accurate simulations of such devices have been carried out and the results published in peer-reviewed journals. Some of the authors predict that such prototype devices could be reduced to small prototype units within five years.”

Many of us call these emerging new energy technology recent discoveries, I will review some I suggest are at close to 100 years old. This series will review free energy technology and resource claims old and new. Some technologies first witnessed as early as 1930 capable of making the use of oil and oil by-products and internal combustion engines for transportation and electrical power production obsolete.

Among the forms available this series will focus on magnetic energy, radiant energy also called “cold electricity”, Zero Point Energy, Hydrogen, Plasma, and Joe Cell that can freely be extracted directly from the environment and immediately make a difference to the global warming dilemma. The radiant energy can perform the same function as the electricity we create with greenhouse gas producing combustion technologies today, and at 1% of today’s energy producing cost.

Other blog articles will also review current green technologies and some emerging ones capable of easing the transition during the interim period of change to healthy power sources.

All from free and green sources have the potential to forever change the landscape of the world economy, as we know it. Bringing to an end the markets, and economic dominance of some of the most prominent corporations involved in fossil fuel and nuclear combustion energy infrastructures and technologies of our time.

I am not trying to be cynical when I say, it has been said “A rich man will sell you the rope to hang yourself if there is a dollar profit in it”. I have seen the truth of it. The energy cartels have to stop viewing the change as a threat and invest in the change or be swept away by the advancing technology.

The man who raised me as a child was my father’s father. If he were alive today he would be 107 years old in a few months. He was carpenter, cabinetmaker, naval master shipwright, superintendent of construction, and inventor. He made me aware, as a young lad, of the difficulties an inventor faces when attempting to change the face of history explaining the sale and shelving of copyrights and patents never to be used for the benefit of mankind that he himself was subjected to. He in the 1960s spoke of a technology capable of transmitting free energy through the air that could be tuned into and used to power transportation and housing needs. Today after much research I realize these where popular concepts during his youth when he was researching new ideas among creative minds of his time. He disappeared from the Earth 24 years ago with a smile on his face at 83 years of age.

The idea of using free energy gathered from nature, without dependence on an external power source was first revealed as an invention of Nikola Tesla. Some of the inventions that can be attributed to Nikola, a Serbian physicist remembered as an electromechanical engineer, and called the father of wireless telegraphy, are the radio (decided by court decision against Edison) , the TV, AC poly phase, 60 cycle electricity, the brushless motor, fluorescent and neon lights, wireless communications, the Tesla coil, all coils we use today, transformers, hydro generators, and just about everything at a power plant, laser beams, particle beams, helicopters, robotics, and remote control, among many more.

You have to wonder why a man with over 1200 patents to his name, and said to be able to dictate 1000 more from memory, a man who contributed so much to the advancement of mankind, was somehow removed from the textbooks in the 1950s. Today he is remembered as being a great inventor but poor businessman. I can’t help wondering does the expression “the victors write the history in their own image” have meaning here? Were his greatest and most important inventions discredited or forgotten for the sake of profit? The thought of the individual having control of his own natural resources, who’s dreaming!

Nikola Tesla’s greatest dream was to have everyone tap into a free energy source that could be distributed through the air, with power station towers in global positions. This energy could power any form of transportation, cars, buses, boats, trains, airplanes, and others, a totally clean safe source of power.

His one working large scale “Magnifying Transmitter” Wardencliffe Tower was built at Long Island New York in 1910. Wardencliffe was to be a worldwide power and communications transmission system. Wardencliffe created a huge electron hammer that rang the Earth’s negatively charged electrostatic field producing a controlled lightning strike on the Earth. This caused a large wave to propagate around the Earth to the antipode, and reflect back to the power station. As the wave came back to the power station another controlled lightning bolt was coming down the secondary to add energy to the first wave, and so on. Eventually Tesla proposed to create usable standing waves of radiant energy at overlapping geophysical positions around the world.

The Wardencliffe project was funded by J.P. Morgan who stopped funding the project when he realized the power would be free and there was no way of attaching a meter to measure consumption. The Wardencliffe Tower was then disassembled.

Wardencliffe Tower was a means of distributing radiant energy or cold electricity that could be tuned into using a frequencies tuning device and distributed as a communication or power source.

David Thomson at tesla-coil-builder.com today is working on theories for using Tesla coil electrostatic potential. His claim, if pointed to the Earth from a free moving object, the resulting waveform would repel the Earth since both are negative in charge. The repulsion thereby created by the object could be strong enough to cause the object to remain levitated, or even lift away from the Earth. David Thomson states, “Such a propulsion system would not have to be limited to Earth travel. Creating a charged standing wave on a spacecraft and pointing the charge at the solar wind could provide propulsion. The charge could be made to repel the solar wind to move away, or be attracted to slow down or move toward the Sun. The charge could also be pointed toward a planet or moon when close enough. Since the charge is maintained in a standing wave, it would take hardly any energy at all to maintain the standing wave. The energy could be gathered from a solar panel. It may not provide the sole power for the craft, but it would be a cheap and light auxiliary propulsion system for long distance solar system travel.”

Just think, no more pollution from space shuttles and rockets with the possibility of adaptation for domestic air travel with no more crude (no pun intended) combustion fueled propulsion.

Nikola Tesla was not a rich man and even with 1200 patents to his name, was dependent on the patronage of the wealthy to create his projects. Key among the funding of Nikola Tesla projects was J.P.Morgan and George Westinghouse. George Westinghouse only paid Tesla a portion of the patent money owed Tesla, Westinghouse and his company were almost bankrupt at one point. Westinghouse asked Tesla to forgive the debt to keep the Westinghouse Co. from bankruptcy. Tesla forgave the debt for his friend George Westinghouse and never got all the money he was promised, a good indication that the work meant more than the money to him.

After being prevented building his large “Magnifying Transmitter” Nicola Tesla spent years developing a smaller prototype to harness the same principle. In 1930 Nikola Tesla produced a car that reportedly collected a mysterious etherized natural energy for power. The story tells of a modified 1930 Pierce Arrow with the gas powered engine removed and an 80 H.P. 1800 R.P.M. electric motor made by the Westinghouse Co. as a replacement, and installed to the clutch and transmission. The A.C. motor measured 40 inches long, 30 inches in diameter, and the power leads were left standing in the air attached to no external power source! He went to a radio store and purchased 12 tubes, wires and assorted resistors. A box 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches high was assembled housing the circuitry. The box was placed on the front seat and had its wires connected to the air-cooled, brushless motor. Two rods 1/4″ in diameter stuck out of the box about 3″ in length.”

Many tried to discredit his ethereally powered car; unable to believe an electrically powered automobile would have an electric motor that required no obvious outside source of power. Some even suggested it was some form of witchcraft. It caused Nikola to discontinue development.

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