Mark Goldes of Magnetic Power Inc. Warns Against Coventional Thinking and Talks About A Hybrid Electric ZPE (Zero Point Energy) Car That Never Needs To Plug In and Creates A Useable Surplus Of Energy…

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  1. Roroaloro says:

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  3. Reginald Cottle says:

    Those facing the possibility of increased Hot Nuclear Development should lobby the powers to be with the straight facts.

    according to research by OEKO 2007: Fritsche, U. et al (2007): Treibhausgasemissionen und Vermeidungskosten der nuklearen, fossilen und erneuerbaren Strombereitstellung – Arbeitspapier, Öko-Institut e. V., Darmstadt (Institut of Applied Ecology e. V., Darmstadt, Germany)

    “Nuclear is not CO2 free if the whole uranium fuel cycle is taken into consideration. Using current uranium ore grades (~ 2% concentration) results in 32g of CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) per kWh of nuclear electricity (kWhel) in Germany. In France, it is only 8g/kWhel, while it is higher in Russia and in the USA, 65g and 62g respectively. One reason for this is the quality of uranium: the lower the grade, the more CO2. A substantial increase of nuclear electricity generation would require the exploitation also of lower grade uranium ores and thus would increase the CO2-emissions up to 120g CO2eq/kWhel, which is much more than other energy technologies: natural gas co-generation 50-140g CO2eq/kWhel); wind power 24g, hydropower 40g; energy conservation 5g CO2eq/kWhel).”

    Uranium mining is also destructive to the environment and after use waste is dangerous to environment and humans and requires monitoring for thousands to millions of years.

    For the full article click the following link…

  4. Stricken says:


    I’m from Europe and this winter we’ve suffered from the luck of Russian gas. The Russia–Ukraine gas disputes were responsible for us to stay several days in the cold, while the government didn’t thought for alternatives – as always. They think that with building a second nuclear power plant problems will be solved. Not to mention that it will be operational in 2015.

    I can’t wait to see alternative energy devices mass produced like those of which Mr. Goldes speaks of. I’ll order one for my home when it’s on market!

    P.S. ZPE equals to Ether/Aether. It is a new word that describes this old known phenomenon that is the basics of gravity.

  5. Mark Goldes says:

    Many thanks for this post.

    However, we are still in development. Production is likely to begin in 2010. No products are available as yet.

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